”Yoga”-A fashion,a philosophy or a holistic living

‘’Yoga’’-A fashion,a philosophy or a holistic living

Namaskara Friends,

Hope you are keeping warm.

International Yoga Day-21st June is just around the corner,whole world is impressed and talking about ”Yoga”,so I thought lets discuss about the latest trends and fashion of Yoga.

Recently social media captured my attention towards new trends and fashionable names like-beer Yoga, metal yoga, Yoga with Goats and dogs etc.

I also noticed that many Yoga teachers were putting their opinion regarding the new Yoga trends or fashions,which turned into a blame game.

In my thoughts -Yoga is a science and only solution to protect humanity.Humanity does not need to worry or protect Yoga.

A science which can servive more than 10000 years and changed millions of lives, simply misusing the name for different trends can not distroy its pure essence.

If you put few drops of poison in an ocean, ocean will not be affected and poison will get diluted.Yoga is an Ocean,it has intensity and power to consume these small drops of poisons.

Because these fashions are using only the word ”Yoga” to market their events, there is no yoga happening anywyas therefore we do not need to worry about it.

Now without going into further discussion about fashions/trends or misuse of the word ”Yoga”,I would like to discuss about the wrong understanding of Yoga trends by those people who are thinking of teaching Yoga or who are Yoga students for many years,lets talk about few general things, which I reckon are imortant to be considered-

1-Philosphy is not my cup of coffee-

People say, I do not need to know the philosophy of Yoga, for me a good stretching class is enough.

Now, can you imagine going into a Chemistry lab and doing your practicals with chemicals without knowing about the properties of those chemicals?

Likewise even a good Asana (postures) class can not help to improve your health or wellbeing, without understanding of Yoga philosophy (mainly Sankhya ).Most of the physical limitations are caused by the mind and ego,therefore working on subtle levels and knowing our subtle existence is as important as physical aspect of Yoga.

                                     Yoga is the practical part of Sankhya Philosphy.

2-Patience is the key

  • People are rushing for few hours Yoga courses to become a Yoga teacher.My understanding says a good Yoga student will not rush to become a Yoga teacher,in short term courses one is not even introduced properly to Yoga.
  • Have patience and let the right time come.In olden days there used to be no such courses,whenever student was ready by his/her Guru’s grace they used to start teaching.I know it is not possible in modern world but still we can aim for profound knowledge of the subject without any huury.

3-Samskrit is cool

  • Yes,Samskrit is cool, it is an ancient language and known as mother of all the languages.It is the most effiecient language for computers.
  • Now having a samskrit tattoo,is not required to be a good Yoga teacher or student.
  • From traditional point of View,writing Smaskrit alphabets on a Yoga Mat/pants is wrong.We consider it a divine language, stepping on it and bringing it under the feet is consedered disrespectful.
  • Using Samskrit names of asana or chanting mantras is important when only done correctly.
  • Samskrit is an ancient language and chanting of mantras with correct pronunciation creates healing and peaceful vibration.
  • If the pronunciation is wrong and not understood by practioners, it makes things simply complicated and takes a lot of energy.Yoga does not ask for it,It asks pure dedication at all levels.Instead in my opinion,using easy names of Asanas in your own mother tongue and discribing it’s meaning is more graceful.

4-The final destination-Silence

Music is not required to conduct a Yoga class, Yoga brings the awareness of senses inside (pratyahara).We don’t need to engage a sensory organ to divert the mind again outside.

Therefore in my idea,using or not using the music to conduct a Yoga Asana class is not important.

I hope you will find some meaning in this article,my intetion is only to share my feelings and thoughts for Yoga.

Any feedback and comments are most welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hari Om !


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