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Himalayan Yoga Tradition Foundation Course– 8 weeks

Discipline is a bridge between goals and accomplishments.

Atha yoga anushasanam!

Now the discipline of Yoga begins!

This is the first aphorism of Yoga Philosophy explained by the father of Yoga Patanjali.

Patanjali says that Yoga is a discipline and it needs a systematic approach.

I am pleased to introduce you this eight weeks of the program, which is going to give you a structured self Asana, pranayama and meditation practice and guidelines to keep you progressing in your Yoga journey and gain the holistic benefits for our mind,body, and soul.

I am glad to introduce you this eight weeks of the program of Himalayan Yoga Tradition. It is organized in such a way so that you can understand deeper meaning and techniques of Yoga to gain holistic benefits for your mind, body, and soul.

What is Himalayan Yoga Tradition-

This Yoga tradition is an unbroken chain of Himalayan sages that is more than 5,000 years old.

The Tradition teaches specific yoga and meditation methods of training the human mind.
The teachings are scientific, systematic and inward-directed.It helps to improve the overall wellbeing of students.

Course includes-

1-Practice of Yoga asanas for 60min

2-Pranayama/Dhayan/Yoga Nidra for -30min.

3-Basics of Yoga discipline.

4-Guidance for home practice by videos/audios etc.

Investment- $175/person early bird discount till 5th July.

Full price-$199/person after 5th July.

Venue-Better Movement Studio,

271,The Parade , Norwood

Namaste !

Starting -14/07/18, Ending -01/09/18 (10.30am-12pm)



The eight-week course by Vani was amazing, I’ve enjoyed and have learned lots In this course I‘ve obtained deeper and important knowledge, which makes my yoga practice richer and more especial in my life.Vani has organized each class very well: we made breathing exercises, asanas, meditations and she taught us fabulous theory.She was always open to any questions with love and patience.Vani also provided us with interesting printed material and every week she sent an email related to the topic of the week.She also sent us videos with the daily practices and asanas in our life.I highly recommend this great course.

Thank you Vani, Lots of love and blessings! Catherina



A Journey to Inner-self

(Meditation Course)

Nothing dims the light which shines from within.

After conducting a successful first course of A journey to inner self, we are pleased to introduce the second course starting from 8th May 2018.

Our Senior Yoga teacher Vani would like to invite you for a nine weeks self-evaluating and motivational Meditation course- A journey to inner self.

This course is designed in such a way that in three phases (three weeks each) you can uncover the different layers of your being by different Meditation methods and theory to find that deepest connection with yourself.

Over a period of time in our lives, we have filled up our mind with so many thoughts, habits, worries, ideas, and experiences. Even when we are praying our mind is wandering, thinking about 10 things to do. Due to this busy mind, we forget our true essence.(inner-self)

Meditation is a tool which assists you in gaining awareness of your true nature. This awareness will attune, unify and focus all your powers and energies of your conscious and subconscious minds.

This course will allow you

-To actualize more of your potential

-Achieve greater personal harmony

-Solve daily problems and boost your inner confidence.

Date and Time- Tuesday, 7pm-8pm

Phase 1-Emotional purification )

Phase 2- Samskara -(deep-rooted memories) cleansing

Phase 3-Awakening

Starting date-17th July 2018
End date-11th Sep 2018

Cost-170$ early bird if register before 7th July.
Full cost- $185/person

**Instalment options are available.
Contact at or call-822105011

Venue-Therapia, Physiotherapy and Pilates,25 North Street Adelaide