October-Karma Yoga Month

October-Karma Yoga Month

Karma is a Sanskrit term. It means action or deed. Any physical or mental action is Karma.

Karma Yoga is a performance of actions dwelling in union with the Divine, removing the attachment and remaining balanced ever in success and failure.


Karma Yoga is selfless service unto humanity.

In the month of October, I have decided to practice Karma Yoga and give back to the community.

I am giving following free Yoga talks, presentations, and classes on weekends.Please feel free to join any of these events and talks.

1-Sat- 7th & 8th Oct Whole Life Expo.-Free tickets

My presentation is on 7th October on Pancha Koshas (five sheets of existence) at 2.15pm.


2-Sun-15th Oct Ayurveda Day Conference-Free tickets


3-Sunday-22nd Oct-Ayurveda for Hormonal Health-Donation


Hari Om Tat Sat!


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