Modern Yoga-A fabricated truth (Part- 2)

Modern Yoga-a fabricated truth-Part-2

In part 1, we have discussed about the real meaning of Yoga and how it has been misunderstood by physical practice of Asanas.(body postures).

The second most common question students have been asking, which style of Yoga is suitable for them and how can they choose it.

My understanding says ‘’Styles/Types of Yoga’’ is not a right term.

Authentically different ‘’Paths of Yoga’’ have been suggested by our sages to reach the highest goal of ‘Yoga’ which is self realization/liberation/ moksha/nirvana/samadhi .

Now the question arises why do we call it ‘’path’’ and how one can choose his/her path of Yoga??

The destination of all Sadhkas or aspirants is same but their journey may differ according to their birth, behavior, conditions and interest. Therefore every Sadhka (student) continues a different route to reach the common aim.

Yoga science is very systematic, it never forces one to follow a certain discipline or path.

According to Yoga philosophy the three attributes of nature called Triguna– Satva(mode of goodness), Rajas(mode of passion) and Tamas(mode of ignorance) decides the basic Dharma or nature of an individual.Fitting to his/her dharma(qualities)one chooses the suitable path to achieve the supreme goal of Yoga.

Sadhka has to involve in different paths and need to continue the path, which he/she feels best for himself. Sometimes even a Guru helps to guide you to choose your path.

In Bhagvad Gita, majorly four paths of Yoga are mentioned-

1 Raja Yoga Path of Meditation
2 Karma Yoga Path of Action or Karma
3 Bhakti Yoga Path of Devotion
4 Jyana Yoga Path of Knowledge

Few other authentic paths of Yoga explained in Vedas,Upnishads and Tantra scriptures are-

1 Kriya Yoga Path of Kriyas or internal actions
2 Hatha Yoga Path of Physical discipline
3 Mantra Yoga Path of Mantra chanting
4 Kundalini Yoga/Tantra Yoga System of awakening of psychic energy
5 Nada Yoga Yoga of Subtle sound/inner sound
6 Swara Yoga Path of manipulation of pranic (vital energy) rhythms by breathing practices

All the so-called modern styles of Yoga are merely the branches of these authentic paths of Yoga.

For example all the famous names like Hot Yoga,Vinyasa flow,Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga(mysore style),Jivanmukti Yoga,Yin Yoga,Iyengar Yoga,Power Yoga or all the other forms which are focused on the physical aspects of Yoga are the branches of Hatha Yoga.

ISKCON-International Society of Krishna Consciousness is a fine example of Bhakti Yoga path.

Transcendental Meditation, Vipasna Meditation, etc are the branches of Raja Yoga/Mantra Yoga where the main focus is on Meditation.

To choose the right path, one needs to contemplate and decide wisely. Every path is unique and demands a lot of discipline and dedication.

To be continued !

Namaste !

Hari Om Tat Sat !


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