Detox plan for festive season

Detox plan for festive season

Hurray ! We are excited about the festival season but we need to be aware that firstly in summers our digestive system gets more sensitive,secondly over stress of festival parties can alter our appetite.Therefore taking good care of your digestive system is important.

In this festive season eat all that you want and I hope this little sequence of Yoga postures will help you to detoxify your digestive system.

How can Yoga help to improve and detox the digestive system?

 -Yoga poses work on tissues, like a hand slowly and gently squeezing a sponge to remove all the stale, waste bearing fluids, and then stretching the tissue to allow new life-giving nutrients and energy to circulate into the cells.

-Breathing deeply in poses sends more oxygen to the cells, and removes carbon dioxide.

-Yoga poses also massage the vital organs, and stimulate the digestive muscles to increase their peristalsis.

-Balance in sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through breathing and yoga postures helps to prevent stress-induced digestive issues like acidity etc.


Modern researchers show that Yoga has helped to cure many severe digestive problems like IBS, gastritis, constipation etc.

 Yoga Asanas (postures) for digestive system-

 1-Pachimottan asana- (forward bend)

-To start, sit straight on the mat and keep legs extended.

-Inhale, exhale bend forward and hold your toes.

-If you can not hold the toes, keep bolster under the knees and bend forward.

-Hold the pose for 5 to 6 breath.

-Inhale and come back.

2- Ardhamatsyendra Asana


-To start, sit straight on the mat and keep legs extended.

-Bend the right leg and keep it to the other side of the left knee.

-Now fold the left leg inside (if you can not then leave the left leg straight).

-Inhale, while exhaling twist to the right side, keep a right hand behind the back.

-Inhale, while exhaling bring left hand and wrap it around the right knee (or just tuck the right knee with left hand)

-Look back to the right and hold this pose for 5-6 breaths.

-Inhale release the pose.

 3- Maricisasana-1

 -To start with sit straight on the mat with extended legs.

-Exhale and fold the right leg close to the chest. Wrap the right hand around the right knee and hold the left hand behind your back, if you can’t hold, it is fine, keep the left hand behind the back.

-Close your eyes and focus on the breath, after 5-6 breath release the hands and legs.

-Repeat from the left side.

4-Halasana- (plough pose)

 -To start, lied down in the supine position.

-Inhale, lift your both legs at 90 degrees take support from your hands on the back.

-Exhale, take feet over you’re the head.

-If you feel alright you can interlock the hands or simply support your back.

-Keep breathing, after 5 to 6 breath release the pose slowly.

**Usually fish pose is suitable after Halasana as counter position.

5- Agnisara Kriya (Breath of fire)

-Stand in half squat position.

– Keeping hands on the knees.

-Inhale and exhale completely.

-Hold the breath and start contracting and releasing the abdominal muscles.

-Once you feel tired, stop and start again.

-Repeat 2-3 rounds. (maximum 100 times contractions).

**Contraindications-Stomach ulcers or immediate surgeries.

 Our ancient sages were well aware that good digestion is key to radiant health.

Therefore they have said-

“What so ever beings live on this earth, truly they are born from food, also they remain alive on food alone and in the same way they return to it at the end. Food is, verily, the first among all that is created, therefore it is said to be the medicine for all. One who meditates on food as Brahman (Universal Consciousness/God), surely obtains all food.” -Taittiriya Upanishad, 2:1

Lastly, please take care of these practices. It is also important to note that not all of these practices will be suitable for everyone. If you experience any discomfort with these exercises, please STOP immediately.

Namaste !

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