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Yoga for Corporate

                                                           Yoga for Corporate


It is a well-documented fact of corporate life that inevitably the many hours spent sitting in front of a computer and the associated pressures of corporate culture lead to serious detrimental effects on the body and our mental well-being. It can eventually lead to postural issues, work related injury, chronic stress, lowered productivity, reduced longevity and compromised self care.

To overcome these health issues, currently fitness and welfare is a priority of the corporate world. Many workplaces are now actively introducing in house gyms and conducts different fitness programs.

The benefit of in house Yoga and Meditation classes over the other fitness programs is that firstly it saves time (people can do it in their uniforms, no need of shower after the class) and secondly Yoga has holistic benefits for mind, body and soul.

Yoga Begins offers customized corporate programs according to the need of the organization. Special Meditation and Relaxation classes are conducted to reduce the work stress.

Duration of classes – 30 min to 60 min.