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Spirituality and Religion-two sides of the same coin

Spirituality and Religion  Two sides of the same coin-1 Dear Friends, Namaste! I hope you are doing splendidly and looking forward to springs. I am writing after a long time and hope you will enjoy reading it. Being an Indian Hindu and a Yoga teacher, very often my students ask me about the significance of Hindu…
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Detox plan for festive season

Detox plan for festive season Hurray ! We are excited about the festival season but we need to be aware that firstly in summers our digestive system gets more sensitive,secondly over stress of festival parties can alter our appetite.Therefore taking good care of your digestive system is important. In this festive season eat all that…
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October-Karma Yoga Month

October-Karma Yoga Month Karma is a Sanskrit term. It means action or deed. Any physical or mental action is Karma. Karma Yoga is a performance of actions dwelling in union with the Divine, removing the attachment and remaining balanced ever in success and failure. Or Karma Yoga is selfless service unto humanity. In the month…
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Hatha Yoga advice to prevent spring allergies

Hatha Yoga advice to prevent spring allergies and infections Change is the only constant, and now we are ready for the next big change from the freezing winter to entering into spring. It’s one of the most destabilizing forces we have to contend with in our lives. While we look forward to the sunshine and…
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