Blissful Yoga and Meditation Retreat

‘’Those who practice Yoga have joy within, delight within and radiance within. -Bhagvad Gita’’

I cannot be more thankful to the universe to give me this prodigious opportunity to share my passion of Yoga with twenty-one Yoga enthusiastic participants in a Yoga retreat I conducted with my fellow Yoga teacher Raj Pandey on 9th to 11th September 2016.
From a novice to experienced Yoga teachers,everyone exhibited such a great interest and zeal to make this retreat a success.

Glimpse of retreat watch here-

The name ‘’Blissful’’ is inspired from the Vedic teaching-
‘Sat Chitta Ananda’ that means our real existence is –
Sat-truth ,

Blissful Yoga and Meditation retreat is unique in its own way as it includes traditional Yoga and Meditation teachings, home made Indian pure vegetarian meals (Sattvic food), Indian classical dance, loving atmosphere and gathering of like minded people.

From the fast paced lives where we forget to laugh, relax and feel sprightly, in two days our participants could boost their true blissful divine nature and felt happy, joyful and rejuvenated.

This spiritual retreat aimed to leave the participant completely recharged to face the daily life challenges with easiness and to make them realize their delightful being.

This is what our participants says-

‘’Had a beautiful weekend with beautiful people at Blissful meditation yoga retreat. Thank you Vani and Raj for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. And Raj please say a very big thank you to your wife, daughter and friend for the beautiful food they made with love. The only thing I could have wished for more was time.’’- Amy Rose

‘’A beautiful rejuvenating weekend for ones mind, body and soul.
Look forward to the next retreat..who else will join us for a new you. much love to you Vani Shuklala and Raj Pandey and to your wonderful wife and daughter for the wonderful meals and taking great care of us. An absolute blessing.’’
– Manaaki Tangata

‘’Thank you Vani Shukla and Raj Pandey for the wonderful Blissful Yoga and meditation retreat. Thank you for your kindness and compassion and lovingly sharing your knowledge. It was an amazing weekend.’’ –Tracy Watson

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