Advanced inversion Yoga asana sequence

Intermediate to Advance Inversion Yoga asanas sequence
Inversions are my favorite and I love to finish my Hatha Yoga asana practice with this sequence.

Following Asanas(body postures) are included in this Video-
1-Leg raises(warm up)
2-Salamba Sarvangasana(shoulder stand with support)
Sarva-all and anga-parts-,salamba-support
2-Parshvaika Ek Pada Sarvangasana(one leg side shoulder stand)
3-Halasana(plow pose)
4-Supta Konasana-(Supta-Sleeping,Kona-angle)
5-Setu Bandha Sarvangasana(Setu-bridge,Bandha-formation shoulder stand)
6-Uttan padasana(Uttana means stretched pada-legs also known as Half fish pose.

Benefits of this sequence-
1-Improves blood circulation towards brain,neck,and face.
2-Enhances activity and hormone secretions of thyroid endocrine gland.
3-Increases flexibility of all the regions of spine(cervical,thoracic,lumbar and sacral)
4-Strengthen shoulders,arms and lower back.
5-Abdominal muscles are also stretched and strengthen.
6-Prevents varicose veins.
7-Activates Vishuddhi Chakra or throat chakra and Anahata (heart)chakra .

1-One should practice these asanas only after a good warm-up or at the end of the practice.
2-Hold each posture for 5-6 breath.
3-Keep eyes close during the sequence as blood flow is too fast towards the small veins of eyes.
4-One should not practice in the case of neck or lower back injury.
Enjoy you practice.Hari Om Tat Sat !

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