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Welcome to Yoga Begins

Atha Yoga Anushasanam! – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (1.1)

Now the discipline of Yoga begins!


Welcome to Yoga Begins; an incredible holistic journey that explores the realms of who you are!

For us saplings, Yoga means the implausible maneuverability and flexibility that defies age. However Yoga is so much more, it is a medium that connects your body with your consciousness; a way of achieving unlimited happiness and contentment.

Yoga Begins presents our take on the authentic forms of Yoga, called the Hatha Yoga or Hatha Vidya, which focus

  • On physical, mental and emotional strength building techniques.
  • On applicability to all age groups and all levels of Yoga practitioners.
  • On knowledge and wisdom passed down from, generation to generation, by the great Indian gurus.
  • On a perfect blend of strong and simple body postures, better breathing and Yoga philosophy that help an individual to attain a healthy body, sound mind and rejuvenated soul.
  • On our customized and unique Meditation and Relaxation techniques assist to reduce the daily life stress, balance the hormones and nervous system to give you a blissful state of a complete well being.

The three basic principal of conventional Yoga inspires our teachings-

  • Asana (body postures) to improve your physical health and open the energy channels(Nadis)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) to improve the flow of vital force(prana).
  • Dhyana and Yoga Nindra (Meditation and deep relaxation) to improve your mental and spiritual health.

Going ahead, Yoga Begins endeavors to bring this change in the understanding of the real meaning of Yoga in the world, which is the union of individual consciousness to the universal consciousness, ultimately resulting in our physical and overall wellbeing. We believe that each and every life is precious and deserves to enjoy these gifts of Yoga.

Yoga Begins stands for a simple methodology of teaching Yoga as a whole and deepening the understanding of the two most important philosophy of Yoga – Compassion and Kindness, thereby elevating human awareness which ultimately leads to self-realization or Nirvana.

So let’s begin this unbelievable journey of self-discovery with Yoga Begins!!